E-Learning Association of Thailand: Currently, Thailand has made significant progress in terms of modern communication technology, including the Digital Economy policy or driving the country’s economy by using digital technology to increase efficiency and create added value for the country’s gross domestic product to keep up with the current world. It is based on the knowledge economy and the creative economy, which defines adding economic value to products and services through innovation and creativity. Supporting the use of modern equipment and technology to develop Thai education But what is still a problem and needs to be developed together is the development of quality content for use in teaching, including standards and various support systems to make the use of e-learning in Thailand most effective and worthwhile for investment. Therefore, the group of entrepreneurs Scholars and e-learning enthusiasts in Thailand have come together to establish the Thai E-Learning Association since 2008 until now, which has produced many beneficial works for the country’s e-Learning industry as a whole, such as creating e-Learning models, organizing training, organizing academic seminars both domestically and internationally, conducting research, and providing consultation, etc.

Objectives of the Association

  • Build strength among scholars and business operators related to e-Learning
  • Support and promote research, exchange of knowledge, experience, and provide services related to e-Learning
  • Promote cooperation with government and private agencies in various e-Learning activities
  • Promote, support, and disseminate information, news, and research related to e-Learning
  • Create relationships for exchanging activities among e-Learning personnel
  • Create standards in work related to e-Learning
  • Operate or cooperate with other charitable organizations for public benefit
  • Do not engage in any political activities
  • Do not provide gambling and billiards


” Thai e-learning is strong, increasing Thai intellectual power “


” Want to be a participant, develop, create, and provide standard services for e-learning

Step into the world


” Develop knowledge for e-learning to make the organization achieve excellence. ”


  • Developing Thai e-Learning entrepreneurs to be strong
  • Creating academic standards in e-Learning work
  • Developing teachers, lecturers, and learners in various fields using innovations in e-Learning
  • Service for disseminating and exchanging activities in e-Learning

Target group

  • Members of the e-Learning Association of Thailand
  • Educational institutions, teachers, students, all affiliations
  • Business establishments, companies, shops, associations, foundations, clubs, etc.
  • General public
  • Project management
  • Annual academic conference
  • Workshops
  • Monthly meetings
  • Budget support
  • Association member recruitment
  • Public relations
  • Academic services
  • Training e-learning
  • Public benefits
  • Collaboration with associations